Today's Gospel: Matthew 6:19-23 These days, often we allow our identity to be shaped by our possessions. Our status in society is judged by the car in our drive, the number of bedrooms in our house or even the handbag over our arm. It is easy to get caught up in the pursuit of these desirable items and objects as it is in our nature to want to fit in, to be accepted and to be respected. We want to impress. However, when we stop and take account of our possessions, our treasures, it becomes apparent that these are utterly meaningless vehicles for short-term happiness. Yes, it is indeed nice to have nice things, but our obsession with them can prove to be toxic. Fashions fade and very soon we find ourselves craving something else, bored of that which we previously lusted after and proudly flaunted. It is time to stop this nonsense and take account of what is truly valuable to us, of our heavenly treasures. Justice, peace, faith, hope and love are truly our most precious possessions. With these treasures at the centre of our lives we will become beacons of a faith which radiates a bright light from us, drawing others to come to know Christ and his love. Earthly possessions provide a temporary satisfaction. Jesus offers us a perpetual happiness grounded in love, for there is nothing more precious than an intimate and eternal relationship with a God who loves us.


Is my pursuit for earthly possessions getting in the way of my pursuit for heavenly treasures, and if so, how am I going to change that?


Lord, so often I can become distracted from what is truly important. Draw me near to you and help me to always pursue what is right, good and true.
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