Today's Gospel: Mark 6:7-13 Jesus sends the twelve apostles on a mission to preach, heal, and witness. What does He give them for their journey? Authority over demons. Not food, not a carry-on bag packed full of everything from extra shoes to a toothbrush, not even money in their pockets. All they are to take with them is power, given by God, to cast out demons in His Name. As I'm a confirmed over-packer who won't even leave the house without a five-pound handbag stuffed with essentials, Jesus' order to the apostles to carry nothing on their journeys makes me uneasy. This makes me painfully aware of just how much I depend on the feeling of security I get from having all my stuff along for the ride wherever I go. Do I really need it? The apostles, on their journey, let go of the non-essentials so they would be able to focus on the purpose of their mission: preaching repentance, healing the sick, and casting out demons. If they'd been worried about where they'd stash their overpacked totes while they did spiritual battle with unclean spirits, they'd be diluting the power they were given for their mission.


Am I too preoccupied with the things of this world to focus on the mission Jesus has for me?


Jesus, as you send me to witness to you through ministry to others, help me to focus on my mission instead of being distracted by my possessions.
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