Today's Gospel: Luke 21:34-36 I am an over-preparer. I like to know what's coming and when. My pantry and freezer are stocked, and my house has a lot of stuff I don't use, but which I'm saving in case I might need it someday. Dealing with the unexpected is difficult for me. When Jesus says, "Be on guard ... [so]  that day does not catch you unexpectedly, like a trap," I am all about being ready. The thing is, my over-preparedness regarding life's little things isn't going to get me too far spiritually. On the contrary -- the "worries of this life" such as how much flour is in the pantry and how much chicken is in the freezer really aren't going to bring me the peace of mind I crave. Jesus wants me to be ready for Him. Flour and chicken and a year's supply of toothpaste aren't what I need to focus on. I need to be alert, Jesus tells me. I need to avoid that kind of distraction -- as well as distractions caused by my own self-indulgence -- so that my heart can be open to Him.


What is weighing down my heart today? What obstacle keeps me far from God?


Lord, help me to remember that preparing my heart for You is the most important preparation I can take on. Help me to focus on following Your Word.
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