Today's Gospel: Matthew 10:34-11:1 “Whoever receives you receives me, and whoever receives me receives the one who sent me." Matthew 10:40 A young lady I know decided to order her prom dress online. In the pictures, the dress was lovely and the price was certainly appealing, but when the gown arrived it was in a 5x7 envelope - and she realized she hadn’t received exactly what she expected. This verse is all about our hospitality, discipleship and love of Christ. We are called to bring Christ to everyone we meet. Now, I can wear a crucifix or a Miraculous Medal and people might assume I am a Catholic, but when they receive me, do I offer them the real Jesus? When people receive me, they may not receive the Gospel message Jesus is asking me to live. All too often I’m afraid, I march around coming in and out of peoples lives and what they receive is my short temper, my snap judgements and my impatience, instead of the Father’s mercy and compassion. The words of Jesus in this Gospel are crystal clear: whoever receives YOU, receives ME. This Gospel challenges us to live our lives as an ambassador for the One who sends us. If Jesus sends us out into the world, we need to realize it really is Him we represent; so, if we can shift our focus to “less my way; more God's way” then we’ll have a better chance of reflecting the One we really want others to receive. We don't want to be the prom gown shoved in an envelope that leaves people confused and disappointed. We want them to know the beauty of the Lord so they can receive the amazing mercy, love and grace He offers.


Are there people throughout your day that don’t truly receive Christ when they interact with you? How will you invite Christ into your heart so those interactions can change?


Jesus, I ask You to bless me with the grace to be Your hands and feet here on earth today. Be with me in every conversation and interaction with Your sons and daughters so that they might receive Your love and mercy through me.
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