Today's Gospel: Matthew 14:1-12 The story of Herod serving John the Baptist's head on a platter as a birthday favor has always disturbed me. While I would like to think most would turn in horror at such a sight, none of us need look very far in today's society to realize that might not be so true. Hollywood and company constantly inundate us with horrors such as these in the name of "entertainment" with such regularity that we, as a society, are truly becoming numb to such atrocities, often partaking with a bowl of popcorn on the side—not much different from the folks at Herod's celebration. This much is true, Herodias was ticked because John spoke the truth to her regarding her relationship with Herod; rather than change her ways, she snuffed out the bearer of the truth. But John's death did not change the truth. What a different story this could have been had Herod and Herodias received that truth in a spirit of reconciliation, choosing life instead of death. The gift of reconciliation: the opportunity to repent and try again, do better...rather than give up and keep on keepin' on just as we are. A place of facing the Truth head-on and make adjustments to live out our lives a little more authentically and strive toward our end goal: Heaven.


What thoughts or actions do we need God's help in removing our blinders to?


Lord, sometimes we are blind to the ramifications of our choices like Herod and Herodias, and yet You are ever-present with forgiveness and healing if we only but ask. May the gift of reconciliation fill us with rejuvenation to go forth and love like You.
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