Today's Gospel: Matthew 17:14-20 The disciples failed to cure the young man possessed by a demon because they lacked faith. Their story is both a comfort and a challenge. Jesus knew full well that the disciples were far from perfect. He knew how it was going to go; he knew who would betray Him, who would deny Him, who would run away. Over and over again, the disciples showed Jesus that they don't have what it takes. Yes Jesus sees what they do have. He sees that they have "little" faith. Not "no" faith, but "little" faith. And he lets them know that even faith as little as a tiny mustard seed is big enough when you are willing to let God take over. It comforts me to realize that no one -- not disciples, not saints, not parents, not priests -- no one is perfect. I'm certainly not. And I don't have to play the comparison game when I accept that disciples, saints, parents, and priests have their flaws and their failings just like I do. The challenge comes in Jesus' call to let that tiny seed of my faith grow and flower. That seed of faith, Jesus reminds us, is pure potential.


What can I do today to foster the growth of my faith, so that one day it will be strong enough to move mountains?


Jesus, thank You for the seed of faith within me. Help me to let it grow, and to use it in Your service.
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