Today's Gospel: Luke 12:39-48 The more we know about God and His goodness, the more our love for Him increases. By seeking Him in Sacred Scripture, we have opportunities to learn from His example. When we intentionally decide to pay attention to how He is working in our lives, we have a clearer sense of what His will is for our lives. As today's Gospel explains, with greater depth of knowledge and love comes responsibility. When meditating on these verses, we can reflect on our journey towards sainthood. We can reflect on whether we are proactively preparing ourselves by nurturing the disciplines of disciples in our lives, seeking to keep God at the core of all we do. We ponder whether we are opening our hearts to God’s graces in the rhythms and routines of our lives and allowing His grace to transform us. We can begin to notice areas in which fear and doubt creep in, having the potential for us to resist a change that God is prompting us towards. We have to question whether we are going to allow fear of the unknown to keep us where we are, or whether we will step forward in faith and trust. Sometimes I have the tendency to stall at one phase. because I am already thinking about the what-ifs for multiple steps ahead in the process. But lately, I have been learning to remember that God will reveal what I need to know, when and how I need to know it. I am only called to take that next step and then patiently wait with complete trust that whatever those next steps hold, God is working all things for my good (Romans 8:28) and He won’t call me to anything unless it will lead me closer to His dreams for me.


What do you do to actively seek the will of God for your life? How do you intentionally allow God's grace to strengthen you so that you have the courage to go where He calls?


Loving Lord, help us to desire, seek and trust in Your will for our lives. Give us patience as you reveal the process one step at a time; let your grace allow us to take whichever step you are calling us to at this moment in our lives.
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