Today's Gospel: Luke 14:25-33 Today’s Gospel relates back to the First Commandment, where we are called to place God first in our lives. Yes, that means ahead of spouse, children, parents, possessions, etc. To be a true disciple of Christ, all else must come second to loving and serving God. I think this may be the most difficult commandment to observe, for we all have times where we place our loved ones, our jobs, our physical needs, ahead of our devotion to God. And then, on top of all that, Jesus specifically states that we must pick up our crosses and carry them, as we follow Jesus. Only then will we be called His disciples. This is a tough order, yet one that we must all strive to achieve. Think about it – Jesus is not asking us to do anything that He, Himself, has not already demonstrated how to do. And Jesus doesn’t give us more than we can handle. So, with God’s grace, we can be Disciples of Christ!


How often do you place spouse, children, parents, or possessions ahead of loving and serving God? What small step might you take to place God first? How well are you carrying your cross to follow Christ?


Lord, give me the grace to place You first in my life; to pick up my cross and willingly carry it, so that I may be Your disciple. I ask for this in Your Holy Name. - Amen
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