Today's Gospel: Luke 19:41-44 - Thanksgiving Day The fruit of thanksgiving is peace. If we are thankful for what we have, for what God has given, for his visitation with us, we will have peaceful hearts. But Jesus weeps. He looks at a nation so greatly blessed with an abundance of all good things and he weeps. He sees that instead of being grateful, joyful and peaceful on this day, a great many of us are anxiously plotting out tomorrow’s, or even later tonight’s, shopping expedition. Instead of being present to the gift of this moment in time with our loved ones at our side, we have mentally trotted off into the future, robbing today of its peace and tomorrow of its quiet. We have allowed the enemy of consumerism to raise constricting fences all around our time, our homes, hurling discounts and one-time-only deals at our heads, leaving even our children touched with the taint of more, more, more. Jesus weeps for our lack of peace when He has given us all peace. This Thanksgiving Day let us dry Jesus’ tears. Let us be present to the moment He has given and the souls we share it with. Let us take this joyful gift of a day, a meal with loved ones and receive His peace within us, as we prepare our hearts for the great gift of His coming through this Advent.


Am I being present to the gift of this Thanksgiving Day and our Lord's visitation within it? What should I remove from my weekend plans to help me to be more present?


Lord, the world is raising a palisade against my Advent preparations. Please help me to crush it by being present to the peace of each moment You give.
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