Today's Gospel: John 1:1-18 - Christmas Day, Mass During the Day “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” The days around Christmas are the shortest of the year; this time of year, there are more dark than light hours of the day. There are times when I look at the world around me and feel as if we are in a wintertime – there is so much darkness, so much evil, in the world. But amidst this darkness comes the Christ Child. He is the light of the world, and the darkness cannot overcome Him. Some of my favorite paintings of the Nativity show the Holy Family in a darkened cave with animals and shepherds gathered around. The only light in the scene emanates from the Christ Child Himself. He is the light of the world. The literal light shown in these images is symbolic of the true light and hope that Christ brings us by becoming flesh and dwelling among us. When the world seems to be at its worst, when hope seems lost, we should ponder these beautiful paintings. We should ponder the Light of the World, the Infant who comes among us to bring us hope and peace and joy. Maybe not the kind of peace the secular world thinks of, but the kind that cannot be touched by the worries of this world. The peace Christ gives us is that of Heaven – of knowing where we truly belong. When our hope is rooted in Heaven – our true home and the place each of our hearts longs for – we will experience a peace in our souls that no trouble in this world will be able to take from us.


Christ is born today! Does His light and peace flow out of my heart and into the world? What can I do to allow Him to work through me in this way?


Christ Child in the manger, let Your light touch my very soul and fill me with Your love. Allow Your light and peace to overflow from me and to spill out into the world. Help others see the hope You offer them and to accept it.
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