Today's Gospel: Matthew 11:11-15 John the Baptist is the kind of guy I would have probably avoided, even as I would have found him eminently fascinating. Here's a guy who dressed funny and probably smelled super special, too. He ate like a vegan fanatic without the expensive entourage. And the man could TALK. John the Baptist was a guy who stood out for the crowd, but he wasn't looking for attention for himself, and that's worth noting. He existed to point people to Jesus, to help them get ready for their Savior. Advent is often a lost season on me. Oh, I'll try to do a devotional and remind my kids that it's not Christmas and not put up the tree. I battle the bah-humbug even as I try to wish people Merry Christmas and remember the reason for the stupid, loud, consumeristic season. And you can see how it works for me. "Whoever has ears ought to hear," Jesus reminds me. It's time to get ready. That's John's message: GET. READY. The two words I use all. the. time. with a certain unnamed member of my household who specializes in NOT. BEING. READY. But what do I have to do to be ready? Let's look at the example John set, minus the particulars of garb, smell, and diet. Let's look interiorly. It's time to get ready. The messenger has spoken. Let's go!


Is it time for confession? (And is the answer to that ever no?) Have I spent an hour in Adoration lately? What part of my heart isn't there for Jesus?


Dear Jesus, you're coming so soon! And I'm just! not! ready! (I may never ever be ready!) And yet, you will come anyway. Calm me, Jesus, and guide me to the peace you offer. Help me slow down long enough to truly prepare my heart the way John the Baptist encourages.
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