Today's Gospel: Luke 2:16-21 - Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God Still in the Octave of Christmas, we read of Jesus’s Nativity today. What strikes me is the reiteration of His birth being foretold. The other people here are experiencing what they’d already been told would happen. How remarkable that must have been for them! The shepherds had been told about the child before they saw Him. Mary had been told about this child when He was conceived in her womb. She and Joseph even knew His name before He was born. Unlike the players here, we don’t know the future. We can’t see what’s to come, not later this year, not tomorrow, not even in the next five minutes. But God doesn’t experience time as we do. There is no past, no future, and no unknown for God. That means we don’t have to worry about our lack of knowledge, as long as we trust in Him. My kids often ask me what’s for dinner while they’re having lunch, or even breakfast. Sometimes, I honestly don’t yet know what I’m going to cook. “Be patient,” I tell them. “It will be food, I promise!” In the same way, God doesn’t always give us a clear answer about the future, even though He knows it as well as He knows the present moment. In His own way, He provides every time. With God, there is always enough—enough room, enough love, enough peace. At the start of a new year, and on a day when we honor Mary, Mother of God, recognizing this need to lean on God brings me great comfort. I don’t have to know what’s going to happen next. God does. I can trust that. I can unite my “fiat” to Mary’s. I can let God be God and rest in the joy of being His beloved daughter.


What knowledge do you wish you had today? Can you let it go and live with all that you do have?


My dear Jesus, help me to let go of my desire for control today. Help me to trust that You know what I do not need to know. Blessed Mother Mary, pray for me!
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