Today's Gospel: John 3:22-30 Is it possible this is the same John who shouted “Repent! Prepare ye the way of the Lord!” How kindly he rebukes his disciples for their envy over Jesus’ increasing acclaim. He does so in a way they can understand. First, he clarifies that everything comes from God, so there’s nothing to be jealous about. Second, he reminds them of what they’ve heard from his own mouth, that John is not the Messiah, but the forerunner. Third, he calls himself the friend of the bridegroom, the one who is faithful, the one who rejoices, the one who announces the bridegroom to the bride. This was his purpose and this is why his joy is complete. Whenever marriage is mentioned in the Bible, I take notice because we’re entering into covenant territory. The people are collectively the bride, and as is right and proper, the people must shift their attention from the best man to the bridegroom, who is Christ!


Do you know your purpose?


Heavenly Father, teach me to follow in the footsteps of the Baptist, so that Christ may increase, I decrease. Amen.
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