Today's Gospel: Luke 3:15-16, 21-22 Barren desert surrounds the flowing waters of the Jordan River. It is the lowest point on earth at 1200 ft below sea level. Yet this river breaths with life, as it holds within its current such historical significance. The Jewish people passed through its waters to reach the Promised Land after their extended Exodus. Elijah surrendered his earthly mission to heaven on its banks. And Elisha began his ministry next to the peaceful sound of its flow. Today we celebrate this venerable threshold. For, upon passing through, Jesus sets forth into the wilderness to continue His journey. As the Jordan flows out of the Sea of Galilee, it bends and shapes the land emptying into The Dead Sea. It connects that which teems with life to that which is void. It separates exile from freedom. It guides the pilgrim toward the destination, and it frees action from stagnancy. Who chose to stand in the middle of these living waters? Our Blessed Lord. Let us rejoice, for we are especially blessed this day. Remember when lost, He waits to catch you in the middle of the current. Recall that as the life of today surrenders into the restful void of night He was with you. As your minutes bent and carved out hours, He stood. His feet remain planted in the midst of what rushes passed; arms opened wide. As your mind, body, or spirit begins to fall beneath the depths, rest assured He awaits, even at the lowest point. Finally, tomorrow as you cross your threshold, initiating your daily journey, remember He is always in the Way.


We are all pilgrims, traveling home; where do you stand in the flowing waters on this day’s journey? Can you see our Blessed Lord?


Lord, thank you for being planted in my way. Help me to remember as my hours bend and flow to form my day, I only need let go, for you are there waiting to catch me.
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