Reflection by Colleen Rooney Today's Gospel: Luke 19:41-44 - Memorial of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Jesus weeping over Jerusalem is perhaps the most poignant and heart-wrenching Gospel scene. The Divine Master reveals His deep sadness and sorrow over His beloved Jerusalem, His chosen people. Like the bridegroom betrayed by his bride or the father abandoned by his son, Our Lord weeps exposing the profound sadness and pain He feels over the unrepentance of His beloved sons and daughters. He had come to forgive their sins and bind up their wounds. He cured their sick, exorcised demons and raised the dead to life. Yet they did not embrace Him. He longs to give them another chance, but they refuse Him. He sees clearly their choice, their destruction, and it causes Him great sorrow. Jerusalem did not recognize the great gift of His presence. Do I stop and meditate on Our Lord’s sorrow? Christ’s sorrow for Jerusalem, for sinners, reveals His humanity and in turn reveals His intimate, personal love for each one of us. Christ discloses His heart to us in these verses because He wishes us to comfort and console Him with our love.


Do I mediate on Christ’s humanity? On His sorrows?


Lord, thank You for showing me Your sorrow, Your broken heart. Help me to realize that You long for every person You created to be saved. Inspire me to pray for sinners, and increase my love for You.
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