Today's Gospel: Mark 4:26-34 Each parable in today’s Scripture mentions the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is one of Jesus’ most mentioned teachings in the Gospels. We would be spiritually ignorant if we did not acknowledge how important the Kingdom of God is. The Kingdom of God is not buildings and organizations because it is much bigger than that! The Kingdom of God is preparing people to be disciples here on Earth and looking forward to being with Jesus in eternity. Yes, our goal is one day to enter the gates of heaven and hear “good job, faithful servant”. However, we also need to focus on God’s work that still needs to be done here on Earth. Today’s Gospel readings also point to a prominent part of God’s Kingdom and spiritual formation: God is a god of process. Seeds do not produce fruit instantly. Christians do not become or make disciples overnight. Things take time and this is true of our spiritual growth. We may have a life-changing experience but God is not done with that mountain-top moment. He is just getting started! Spiritual formation takes time, and it starts with the small yet intentional steps. Find some time to get into the Bible on a daily basis. Strengthen your spirit with a devotional book or other Christian readings that equip you to experience freedom and bring freedom to others. Pray for yourself and ask Jesus for you to decrease so Jesus can increase in your heart, mind, and soul.


If you are stuck in a situation right now, take a look behind you. What have you conquered and who helped you in the journey?


Dear Jesus, may we focus on the Kingdom of God both on earth as it is in heaven. We commit our eyes, ears, heart, hands, and feet to reaching out to others in Your name. May people see Jesus in how we live. Amen.
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