Today's Gospel: Luke 2:22-40 - Feast of the Presentation of the Lord In bringing Jesus to the temple, his parents are fulfilling a commandment of Jewish law. They are presenting their son to God and trusting in His good providence. Despite being told that a sword will pierce her soul, Mary obeys the law. When praying the Joyful mysteries of the Rosary, I think about this. I imagine Mary and Joseph presenting their newborn baby, their most precious possession, to God and trusting that God will take care of Him. They give to God what is most valuable. Could I do this? Can I give what is valuable to Him and believe that it is going to be okay? Can I let go of the reins of my galloping life so God can take over? If I do, will my soul be pierced? Will something bad happen? Will I be happy if I’m not in control? These questions wander through my brain. I want to be like Mary and follow the request with a faithful heart. We are never told that Mary fretted or worried. She only pondered. I want to be peaceful like her. Because the thing is, happiness is fleeting. I may very well not be happy at times. It’s peace that comes crashing in when we drop the reins and let God be in charge. Mary did what was asked, over and over. I suspect there were times of great beauty and we know there were times of great sorrow. The same will be true for us. But if we cling to Mary, who always points us toward her Son, peace will be with us. Mary understands.


What is one valuable thing you can give to Christ today?


Lord, help me to give to You what is most valuable to me and trust that in Your good grace, all will be well.
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