Reflection by Erin Broestl Today's Gospel: Mark 9:41-50 Truthfully, this is one of the hardest passages in the Bible. Jesus doesn’t mince words when it comes to sin, and the consequences of sin. Hell is a terrifying place, and should be accorded the respect it deserves. “The fire is not quenched.” Abandon all hope, ye who enter hell. This is a very troublesome passage, for anyone who reads it in good faith will most likely be sorely afraid to examine their lives and see how far they have fallen from grace. Jesus really makes us squirm here, saying it is better to lose a hand, a foot, or an eye than to be thrown into hell. We must remember, though, that our God is merciful and slow to anger. It takes great humility to examine our sins, confess, and try to rectify our lives an inch at a time. God does not want us all to be eyeless and maimed. If we did lose a hand due to some unfortunate accident, God has the ability to instantly make us whole. That is why we must give consideration to the end of our journey on earth. And that is why we, as sinners, still live in joyful hope with forgiveness and healing coming from Reconciliation. If you haven’t been to confession lately, make haste to the Great Physician and Healer of all.


What sins have I allowed to fester?


Sweet Lord Jesus, please help me get to confession. Also, please aid priests in offering this sacrament more often, and giving good advice to each penitent sinner.
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