Reflection by Tracy Eisner Today's Gospel: Mark 12:28-34 Commandment: a divine rule, to be observed strictly This conversation between Jesus and a scribe is to specifically give us the two main commandments; these two commandments are so important that merely understanding their significance puts one firmly on the path to the Kingdom of God. On the heels of a heated discussion with the Saduccees and Pharisees, in which they are trying to trick Jesus, the scribe poses a more “important” question...seeking the most important commandment to live one's life. While Caesar's tax and the question of marriage after death are intended to trick Jesus into committing a crime against current government, neither address how a commandment can shape one's heart. These commandments address the heart. Simply, there is one God Who we are to place above every want and desire in life, and loving our neighbor is our second priority. When we follow these two simple rules with every daily choice and live our life accordingly, everything else will fall into place. Simple. And yet daily life and micro-details muddy the simplicity on a regular basis, don't they?


Today, how can you take just one opportunity to engage with the unlovable, whether a family member, co-worker or grumpy neighbor, in a genuine and heartfelt manner, digging deep and inviting the Holy Spirit to guide your words to touch their heart?


Lord, help us to sift the unimportant details in life so that we can live simply and purely by first Adoring YOU and secondly adoring your creation—our neighbors.
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