Reflection by Tracy Eisner Today's Gospel: John 17:1-11A The end of this life is near (but sometimes not near enough in this crazy world we live in, am I right?) When life and worldly happenings go sideways, I personally find great comfort in knowing that all the trials and tribulations of this world will be left behind as we enter in eternal life. No more suffering. No more tears. No more injustice. Triumph over evil and true joy. For eternity. This life is often a journey on the hot mess express. But the destination is something so beautiful in contrast, and we are offered the opportunity to enjoy it forever! We have been given to Jesus by His Father. Jesus loves, prays for, and readies eternity for us. We need to make sure we stay close to Him, and not allow ourselves to become part of "the world."


What is one way we can consistently make a joyful sacrifice in our daily routine for those who suffer in not knowing the joy that is found in relationship with Christ?


Lord, sometimes I have difficulty grasping the generosity of your earthly sacrifice as it relates to my worthiness and it is overwhelming. Help me to live this life in awe and full acceptance as I look forward to eternity with you.
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