Today's Gospel: Luke 15:1-3, 11-32 - 4th Sunday of Lent Do you ever feel empty? Even though I have everything I need, it’s not enough. It is a hole, a sense of not being full or maybe it’s not feeling fulfilled. Others look like they have it figured out, how come I don’t? It is a lonely hole where I measure my self-worth by my stuff. The hole is gazing up at me, waiting to pull me down if I step too near. I am prodigal. I took what my Father has given, gifts of huge abundance, and used them for myself. I am not bad or selfish. I just failed to open the most precious of the gifts. It got lost among the sparkles - the gift of Christ. Without Jesus, the rest does not matter. The hole glares up at me, waiting for my weakness. It knows that without this most essential of gifts I will slide right back into it. Only Jesus can fill that chasm. As I let go of things and attachments, I free up room for Him who matters. He enters in and expands in my soul completely. I feel joy and fulfillment as never before. I start to grow out of this world. I shed my desire for stuff and yearn for Christ. My life, which earlier was not enough, is overflowing. I am amazed at the abundance. Like the father of the prodigal son, Jesus is patiently waiting for us to eschew the things of this world. He will run joyfully to us, sweep us up in His arms and there will be celebrating in heaven because we have returned to where we belong. We only have to accept and open the gift.


What can you let go of today?


Jesus, I know that only through You will I find fulfillment. Please help me to open this gift.
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