Today's Gospel: John 21:1-14 Have you ever stopped to contemplate what happened during the weeks after Jesus died? I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for His followers and friends during that time. They had just seen Him crucified and now they were in fear for their own lives. They had spent three years with Him, witnessing miracles and soaking up his teachings and suddenly now it was on their shoulders to continue this ministry. That’s a heavy burden. These faithful followers didn’t suddenly start boldly preaching and spreading the gospel; instead they seemed paralyzed with fear. Even after they had experienced the miracle of Jesus rising from the dead, they were still unsure of their next move. But these are the verses that really touch me because they beautifully highlight the disciples’ human weaknesses. These were ordinary men and women who knew what they were called to do but were terrified and overwhelmed. Just like I often am. In today’s reading Jesus finds Peter and some of the others fishing. Jesus knew that these men still needed encouraging. Even after all they had witnessed, they needed more proof of God’s glory before they had the confidence and fortitude to start transforming the world. When Peter finally realizes Jesus is indeed calling to him, he was at last ready to answer. Without another thought, Peter leapt off his boat to swim to shore to be with Jesus. If we could all be like Peter in this reading and not only recognize God’s call but have the faith to leap with pure abandon, think of the amazing things we could accomplish.


What holds you back from answering His call and leaping towards Christ?


Dear Lord, help me to show my children how to truly love and trust You by loving and trusting You myself.
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