Today's Gospel: Matthew 13:18-23 - Memorial of Sts. Joachim and Anne I thought I was born with a faith that would stand strong despite tribulation, a faith that is fruitful in the face of worldly anxiety. I think this expectation was rooted in my upbringing as a cradle Catholic, as I received the appropriate sacraments and always went through the motions of practicing. I just assumed, because of this, that my faith would blossom and bear deliciously healthy fruit. Not so. My faith hasn’t always grown on strong, rich soil. There were extreme droughts, times I haven’t tended to it and ignored the hunger. Jesus wants us to take care, nurture, feed our faith so it will stand strong and bountifully spread.


How do you tend to your faith to ensure it’s growing on strong ground?


Lord, with Your help I know my faith will blossom. Help me to take the time out of my busy schedule to care for my spiritual soil. Amen.
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