Today's Gospel: Luke 11:1-13 - 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time There is so much to unpack in the Our Father prayer. How could we even begin? In a way, it is the broadest illustration of the human experience, and answers three basic questions. Who are we in relation to God? Who satisfies our needs? How are we to live in relationship with one another? With sweeping brushstrokes Jesus lays these ancient questions to rest. God is the Holy One, our Creator. From Him all our needs are cared for. In order to live in right relationship with others we must embody humility, mercy, and love. Jesus could have stopped there. Isn’t a prayer that covers all human existence enough of an answer to the apostles’ question? But Jesus, in His generosity, continues to teach. His examples of the man in need of bread and the Father’s good gifts further portray the necessity of continual prayer. Prayer isn’t a one and done, but the very fabric of our relationship with God. It is ok and good to bring to God the same requests. God doesn’t get bored by our repetition. Rather, the more we come to the Lord, the deeper our habit of prayer becomes. We also learn to trust in God’s will and providence, like the son who trusts his father to give him a fish and not a snake. Now we are ready to pray. We have a prayer, we know we ought to pray it regularly, and we need to pray it in trust that God will care for us, just as our prayer promises.


Think about your prayer time. Are you praying as Jesus teaches, with persistence and trust?


Dear Jesus, teach me to pray. Please help me to grow closer to You in prayer and deepen within me a special love for the prayer You gave to us in the Our Father.
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