Today's Gospel: Matthew 16:24-28 Aging. I wonder some days if this isn’t one of the truest tests of discipleship. There is no “saving my life” in the physical sense, nor do I want to live forever in a world filled with difficulties and woe. Isn’t that what a cross is -- a challenging situation that, when carried well, takes us out of our self and into full dependence on God? It’s not a matter of winning or earning the Father’s love, for He already loves. And it’s not that God sends me illnesses in aging, that’s just part of the life on earth and parceled with the crosses we carry. One sign of discipleship is my conduct while carrying a cross. It is how I reveal Christ to others who are carrying theirs, to help them with their burdens but not alleviate them, for that individual must find their own way to glorify God under the weight of the wood. The way of discipleship is the way of the cross, a personal and communal Passion.


What are my crosses that are being borne, and do I carry them in such a way so as to reveal God’s love?


Lord, as I age help me to wear my burdens of decline as a small badge bearing witness of being one step closer to home.
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