Today's Gospel: Luke 11:5-13 This gospel reminds me that being a disciple of Jesus means I am called to befriend a wearied traveler. I am to offer relief to someone who has journeyed a road that I was not on, who is tired and seeking comfort. I alone do not have what is needed for the traveler and must beg -- pray -- for help, and continue to do so to meet the need of the other under my care. It is humbling to admit that I do not have what is needed. I must go to the door, and not just any door but the door known to have on the other side of it what is need to strengthen me to strengthen the other. The only way I can do that is to come to Our Lord, hands open and empty, begging for the Bread that will feed us, and confident He will provide.


What gifts of the Holy Spirit can I beg to receive to carry back into my daily life that will help to nourish others on their spiritual journey?


Heavenly Father, help me to be unafraid and never weary of praying to You for what I need to be of service to another sojourner. Let the Holy Spirit bless me so that I may be a blessing to others.
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