Today's Gospel: Luke 10:13-16 - Memorial of St. Francis of Assisi One year in my pre-school class, there was a boy named Alex who concerned me a bit. When I called the children, “Come sit down for lunch,” Alex didn’t join us. When I instructed the children in my teacher voice, “Line up, please,” Alex did not take his place in line. I began wondering if Alex was deaf? I decided to speak to his mother about this situation. The very next day, after relaying my experience to her, I blurted out, “Do you think that Alex is deaf?’ The look on her face told me I was way off the mark. She chuckled then responded, “Alex can hear you. Alex is ignoring you.” I devised a plan. When it was time for the children to line up, I walked over to Alex, took his little hand and I gently guided him to his spot in line or to his seat at lunch. My plan worked. One day Alex won my heart. He was seated across from me at lunch. He looked at me with his big brown eyes and said, “Miss Ellen, I love you.” When God’s people turn a deaf ear to His voice, He sends a prophet with a clear word to guide them back to Him. Just like Alex, often they are not deaf, they are just ignoring God. Hopefully, one day God will win their hearts and they will not only hear, but obey. Today is St. Francis of Assisi’s feast day. He heard and obeyed the word from God to “Rebuild My church”. The Church commemorates his life and work. In this world there are so many voices speaking that sometimes it is hard to discern the voice of God through the clamor. Are you listening to God?


What voices are you listening to? Has God ever spoken to you through a prophet in the scripture?


Father God, I love You! Thank You for bringing us back to You when we turn a deaf ear and go astray.
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