Today's Gospel: Luke 10:1-9 - Feast of St. Luke My complacent, conflict-avoiding self is always discomfited by this passage. First off, I've disliked group projects since grade school, and here I'm instructed not to go it alone. Then the two are to be sent as lambs in the midst of wolves. Have you seen lambs in action? And have you seen the teeth on wolves? Enough said on that topic. And then the two are to go ahead with nothing, including no money, into strangers' homes proclaiming the kingdom of God. This is the stuff of an introvert's nightmare! But Jesus doesn't offer any qualifications here, only instructions. For the laborers are few and the harvest could be lost.


Do I make allowances for my personal preferences, using them as an excuse to ignore the tasks God is calling me to accomplish?


Lord, help me to recognize my personal call, to be who it is I'm meant to be, open to Your call and willing to do what is required.
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