Today's Gospel: Matthew 5:1-12A - Solemnity of All Saints The traffic lights in busy intersections help me get around our university community, especially when classes are back in session and students abound. Usually I try to run my errands during slower times of the day, but there are occasions when I am caught in 5 o’clock traffic, and that’s when I definitely need those lighted intersections. The Beatitudes are our heavenly traffic lights in life. Not only do they help us get through the crazy intersections of life a bit more easily, they tell us about the rewards for our decisions. Granted, it is not easy to be merciful every single time, but if we understand that to be merciful, we will receive mercy. It is not always easy to be peacemakers, but if we take the time to cool off and say a prayer, we may find it easier to be peaceful. You have heard over and over that we are all called to be saints. Oh yes, you, sitting there staring into your computer screen, you are called to be a saint. But guess what? The Beatitudes can help you get there! Jesus came to humanity for several reasons, one of which was to give us the tools to help us get to the destination He desires for us, which is heaven. He taught forgiveness, love, and gave us some great tools to use like the Lord’s Prayer, and the Beatitudes. Now get out there and start using them!


Which beatitude touches you the most? Which one troubles you the most or may be harder to pull off? Which saint would you go to for help with that one?


Heavenly Father, thank You for giving us wonderful examples of what a saint looks like, and for giving us the tools to help us become saints too. Help us to never lose sight of this goal for our lives and those around us. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.
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