Today's Gospel: Luke 16:1-8 In the parable of the cunning steward, Jesus urges us to swiftly act with resourcefulness to make a good future in the life to come. He gives as an example, a steward (a business manager) who was fired because word had gotten to his boss that the steward was wasting the rich man's resources. The steward still had a bit of time to close things out before he was kicked to the street. He quickly secured a favorable future for himself, currying favor with other businessman by reducing their debts. What about me? Have I been wasting "the boss's" resources? Decidedly, yes. Am I too, potentially in trouble? Again, yes I suppose I am if I do not cast myself at the mercy of our Lord and follow in His love. And I personally, do not always heed the warnings as well as this steward did. Like the time when I ignored the empty light on my dashboard all the way till the moment when the power went out of my engine and my three little kids were stuck with me on the snowy road in a car with no gas. Sometimes, I do this spiritually as well, thinking, "Someday I'll get to it. Plenty of time." Thank You, Jesus, for Your words of encouragement to act now. it is interesting that the way this cunning man helped himself was by helping others. He trusted that if he was lenient in his final moments in his job, others to would be so to him later. Let us do likewise and spend the days we have cancelling the debts and reducing the burden of others. Let us live with end-of-life clarity and secure for our souls a wonderful future.


Trusting that your kindness will be rewarded in the end, who can you help this week?


Jesus, please give me the spirit to act upon the good warnings You give. May I spend my life doing good for others, resting in Your kindness to me.
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