Today's Gospel: Luke 17:26-37 "On that day, a person who is on the housetop and whose belongings are in the house must not go down to get them" Luke 17:31 In September of last year, over seventy homes in Massachusetts caught fire due to gas leaks. Living just over the border in New Hampshire, we heard stories of people watching their homes burn to the ground. There just weren't enough emergency personnel to respond. When you think about people who have lost everything, you can't help but imagine yourself in the same situation: If my home were to catch fire today, what would I grab? What would I leave behind? It's a question we should ask ourselves routinely. It forces us to bring into focus what truly matters. When we define for ourselves what our priorities are, we align how we live accordingly. That reboot and reminder is so necessary when we get too caught up with electronics and social media. Although they definitely serve their purpose, and can enhance our lives if used correctly, if they have too much of a hold on us, drawing us back into a burning building to save them, we may find ourselves trapped under them, unable to flee.


Do I control the technology in my life? Or does technology control me?


God of Truth, help me to view my life as You do so I hold tight to what matters, and loosen my hold on what doesn't.
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