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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Matthew 7:15-20


Helmut Kleinicke was a German officer in World War II. He was in charge of construction in Chrzanow, Upper Silesia, just twelve miles from Auschwitz. It wasn't until forty years after his death in 1979 that it came to light he was, in fact, a hero.

Taking advantage of his senior rank in the Nazi Party, Kleinicke saved hundreds of lives by giving Jews work to avoid the death camps, alerting them about upcoming roundups, and sheltering the sick and weak in his basement. Even after the war was over, he kept quiet about what he did, carrying his secret to the grave.

In a time when people are so immensely vocal about their opinions, plans, and accomplishments, it's refreshing to hear a story like Kleinicke's. As Matthew 7:16a infers, it's not what people say about themselves that define who they are; It's how they act. Often times, what we hear with our ears is a completely different story than what we see with our eyes.

At the end of the day, we are so much more than the cover of our book and the summary we've written on the back. When people turn the pages of our lives and read what we've actually done, they'll be able to separate fact from fiction. May we always live in such a way that the heart of our story reflects God's.



Do my words and actions match? What are the fruits of my actions?



Master Gardener, may all my actions grow from a deep love and trust in You so the fruit of my story reflects Your loving heart.

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May we always live in such a way that the heart of our story reflects God's. #dailygospel


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