Reflection by Colleen Rooney Today's Gospel: Matthew 11:16-19 - Memorial of St. Lucy Our Lord had hard things to say about this generation. “But to what shall I compare this generation?” This question is as relevant today as it was then. Their behavior is like children teasing others. When they get your attention, they dismiss you or, worse yet, malign you. It is a warning from the Master. This generation scorns holy men and women. You can’t win with them. They accuse you of either being possessed as ascribed to John the Baptist or dissolute as attributed to the Lord. They are not seekers. They are only interested in their own games. On the reverse side of Christ's warning is the praise of St. John the Baptist to those listening to him and not to this generation. John was a holy and humble man. He is praised that we might recognize the goodness of his life and seek goodness for ourselves. The ultimate goodness is God’s wisdom, and it is confirmed not in a man but in the God-man. Christ words and deeds generate wisdom for those who listen and seek.


Do I use the warnings of Christ in the Gospels to guide my understanding of life and direct my actions?


Lord help me to treasure Your words and actions, viewing them as loving directions guiding me home to You.
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