Reflection by Margaret Stimatz Today's Gospel: Matthew 9:27-31 “As Jesus passed by two blind men followed him.” Watch these guys operate. How- in the darkness of their world- do they manage to lock onto Jesus? And to follow Him -amid the hazards of a clamorous crowd- all the way into the house he had entered? Despite their blindness, they orient themselves towards the very light of the world. Spiritually, their vision is 20/20! Darkness can be so disorienting. One pitch-black morning last winter, after departing the airport I took a wrong turn. And found myself lost and alone on an isolated unlit road. Today, I nearly did an exact repeat- same airport, same darkness. But this time, there was one crucial difference. This time, as I began to lose my bearings, I noticed. Instantly, I stopped and shot up a quick prayer. Then I peered through the black and with confidence I re-set my direction towards city lights in the distance. Darkness can engulf us during this holiday season as well, particularly in the form of “overload.” We can stumble and even lose our way, crushed by to-do lists growing longer by the day, bank balances shrinking to impossible lows, or unremitting schedules of special events. As exhaustion sets in, we may become blind to what really matters. What will help? We need to stop, to ask God’s help, and to pull away from the frenzy for at least a moment. Then, we need to do something refreshing: pray, journal, go for a walk, talk with a wise friend. Once we have cleared head and heart, we’ll be able to re-orient ourselves. Inspired by the two blind men, we can re-set our course toward the light. With our spiritual vision operating at 20/20 we’ll be free to pursue Jesus anew as Christmas approaches.


If I am suffering holiday overload, what specific action will I take today to help clear my head and heart?


Lord, when holiday overload encroaches, help me stop immediately and turn to you. Refresh me, Lord, and replace my blindness with 20/20 spiritual vision. Help me re-set my steps towards your light.
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