Today's Gospel: Matthew 1:1-17 Today is the start of the "O Antiphons" -- specific prayers reflecting Jesus’ names that are recited at Vespers only from December 17th-23rd. Wisdom is today’s Antiphon. This might not be the word I would choose to reflect the Gospel today, which can seem really dry and without much meaning. Several things stand out to me as opposed to wisdom: “by the wife of Uriah,” “Manasseh,” “Rehoboam.” These events and people were not what we would say are from divine wisdom. Bathsheba was politically compelled to accede to the king’s invitations, a horror story in so many ways. Her son, Solomon, even though born through events that we account to human failing (and horror), is still named as a forefather of Jesus. Manasseh, who gave up worship of the one true God for pagan idols, is also listed. Rehoboam, under whom the united kingdom separated again - two tribes under Rehoboam, ten tribes under "Ephraim." I’m certain Wisdom was lacking in his decisions, but Jesus was still born of his line. What this tells us is that even through some of the most detrimental situations, God’s Wisdom (which I also associate with God’s Spirit) will prevail. What we do cannot stop God’s surpassing love for us from happening. Despite the history, Jesus is still here. Despite the messiness and horror, Jesus is coming. God’s love, God’s wisdom, God’s Spirit -- there is nothing that can prevent God from being with us. O come, o come Emmanuel; O come thou wisdom, from on high.


Sing or read through the Advent song "O Come O Come Emmanuel," which comes from the O Antiphons. Is there one verse that strikes you in particular? Can it speak to the messiness in your own life?


O Wisdom of our God Most High, guiding creation with power and love: come teach us to walk in the paths of knowledge.
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