Today's Gospel: Mark 6:34-44 How many times have we tried to take matters into our own hands to ensure that a task or a job gets done? How often do we embrace the motto, “If I don’t do it myself, who will?” In today’s Gospel the apostles are perplexed at the crowd of people coming to hear Jesus speak. They’ve been in the desert with few provisions and yet Jesus is asking the apostles to feed the crowd. The apostles are using their logic: thousands of people + five loaves + two fish. Seems simple enough to know that the numbers don’t match up. God’s logic was different: “I will always provide for you.” Jesus accommodated them, without mathematical calculations, without tents, or calling ahead to local inns and taverns to coordinate catering, He took a few small pieces of food and somehow miraculously there was enough to go around. Simple enough, right? While the apostles had care and concern, they did not look at the problem from a heavenly perspective. They wanted the crowd to break away so that the people could fend for themselves, as they could not rationalize how they could be expected to provide for everyone. They relied on their own understanding, but Jesus had a different plan. The apostle soon realize all they need is trust. God would feed the crowd, not only their bodies but also their souls. These souls were like sheep without a shepherd. When we expect others to find God without being fed His word, it is like turning them away into the desert, expecting them to fend for themselves. Sometimes it is easy for us to take charge, for us to dictate what is important and how we are going to fix it. Jesus says "Trust in me. It will all work out."


Are there situations in your life where you can lean on Jesus even if it doesn’t make sense?


Dear Jesus, help me to always trust in You. Help me to know that You will always feed me and nourish my soul. Amen.
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