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Reflection by Emily Davis

Today's Gospel: Mark 16:9-15

Let me get this straight… The two disciples Jesus met on the road did not recognize Him at first, but when they told the other disciples who walked with them, no one believed them. Yet they all knew Him. Then Jesus appeared to them all, and still they don’t know Him?!

The most stunning thing that hit me like a brick was that these men who walked with Jesus, essentially were very close brothers to Jesus, and had heard all of His stories -- did not believe that Jesus was risen from the dead, just like they were told by Him. They could not feel him or “see” him.

Instead, Mary Magdalene, a woman once possessed by demons, which Jesus cleansed her of, instantly believed He was who He said He was. She felt His presence. He had opened her eyes long ago and she could not forget Him. But his brothers did not know Him. How could they not know? It is so hard not to judge them harshly.

And as I bow my head in shame, it occurs to me…how many times has God called on me, and I did not hear Him? How many times has God tried to teach me a lesson that I did not learn the first time? How many times has God tried to comfort you and you did know Him?

God is with us in every flower, friend, sunset, stranger’s smile, in every sweet memory. He is with us. He will never leave us, even if we don’t see Him. God always keeps His word.

In verse 15, Jesus tells the disciples to “Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature.” He is talking to us too. Through our lives, we proclaim Him!

Let’s do this!

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Through our humble examples, others come to Christ. How do you proclaim the Gospel in your own special way? How do you introduce others to Jesus?


Dear God, thank You for showing me who You are in the moments when life is hard and I cannot see or feel Your presence.

Copyright 2020 Emily Davis

Emily Davis is -- Catholic. Texan. Wife. Mama. Grandma. Crafter. Volunteer. Friend. Teacher. Writer. Faith Influencer. In late 2018, Emily’s husband moved the family to Europe in support of the Navy and it’s been quite an adventure. Emily is teaching CCD and volunteering for both the Catholic Community and Military Community overseas. Their youngest son Christopher is a sophomore in High School. Her blog is Our Home, Mary’s Mantle.

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