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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Feast of St. Bartholomew - John 1:45-51


In this Gospel passage, Nathanael asks Jesus “How do you know me?” He had not yet realized that Jesus is the Messiah. Jesus’ response revealed His true nature, and Nathanael then understood.

This is something we might all ask Christ: How do you know me, Lord?

Would we want to know the answer?

Christ knows our struggles, our worries, and the things that make us sad and happy. He knows our sins. He knows the good that we do. He knows our thoughts. He knows our intentions. Christ is the only one who truly knows us.

And despite all our flaws, He loves us and will never leave us. Despite our repeated sins, He forgives us. When we push Him away, He waits patiently until we invite Him back in. And then, like the father of the Prodigal Son, He celebrates, for what was lost has been found.

Yes, Christ truly knows us, so maybe it’s time we learn to truly get to know Him. When Nathanael realized that Christ is the Son of God, he dropped everything to follow Him.

We know Christ is the Son of God. But do we drop everything for Him? Do we spend time in prayer and reflection? Do we build a relationship with Him?

Christ loves us more than we can ever fathom. He sees the goodness in us, and He knows there’s potential for greatness. That knowledge must spur us to do better in life so that, like Nathanael, we can say yes to God and follow Him without question and without hesitation. And then we, too, can truly know God.



What will you do to strengthen your relationship with Christ so that you can get to know Him better?



Dear Lord, please help me feel worthy of Your love, and please help me to do Your will as I face life's challenges and temptations.

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This is something we might all ask Christ: How do you know me, Lord? #dailygospel

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