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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Matthew 14:22-36


Almost all at once, three significant miracles occur: Jesus walks on water, Peter walks on water, and the storm is calmed. Jesus retreats to a mountain to pray. He has a clear view of the disciples below on the sea, and of their boat being “tossed by the waves”. It is evening, yet Jesus does not come to the disciples until the “fourth watch of the night”, about 3am-6am. He walks to the disciples on the water, and they’re terrified.

The disciples are in Jesus’ sight as He is on the mountain. He sees them being “tossed about”, and how alike are we, being constantly tossed about in our own lives? While we tend to like to feel in control, our very world and culture daily remind us that we are anything but. Yet while Jesus sees his disciples weathering the waves, He does not appear to come to them right away. When He does, He is literally walking on the very water that is tossing His disciples about (and let’s not forget they’re fishermen—they’ve seen a wave or two). Peter is also able to rise above the waves when he walks “toward Jesus”, beginning to sink only after becoming frightened by the strength of the wind.

It’s not just about miracles. Jesus is showing us why we can trust Him. We will get tossed about, by aspects of our culture, egregious ideologies surrounding us, personal hardships, betrayal, illness, death. We may not be able to see Jesus, though He is constantly gazing at us. We may mistake Him for a ghost. Yet nothing we face, nor anything around us, has more control or power than Jesus. Apart from Him, everything we know is created. Therefore, the disciples exclaim, “Truly You are the Son of God.”



Am I subject to God, or to fear?



Jesus, I am always within Your loving gaze, even when it doesn't seem like it. No matter what in my life makes me feel tossed about or out of control, Jesus, help me to be subject to You, and not to fear.

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Nothing we face, nor anything around us, has more control or power than Jesus. #dailygospel


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