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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Mark 1:40-45


In the first version I read of Mark 1:41, the translation read “Jesus was indignant.” I did a double-take and looked at the footnote: “Many versions translate this as ‘Jesus was filled with compassion.’” How can we reconcile “indignant” and “filled with compassion” as both being legitimate understandings of this passage?

Then again, how can we not?

Aren’t these two sides of the same coin?

When we look at the heartaches of this world, at their roots, isn’t there cause for both indignance and compassion? Indignance at the ways the world refuses to value true love, and compassion for all those so hungry for love that they settle for scraps. Indignance at the callous ways we dismiss one another, and compassion for the anxiety of being so overwhelmed by a to-do list that we hardly give one another a second glance.

How did we let ourselves get to this point? How can we mend the brokenness and heal the pain?

The answer never changes. We turn to Jesus. “I am willing,” He says, and offers us His healing touch.

When was the last time we reached for His hand, friend? It could be in prayer, yes, but it could also be reaching out, grasping for His touch in a friendly face. Love manifest in the Body of Christ. It could be offering ourselves in love, in service to one another. It could be renewed life through the grace of the Sacraments. There is nothing so freeing as sitting with Jesus in the moments following Reconciliation.

He is willing. Are we?




What is one concrete step I can take to accept the healing touch of Jesus?



Jesus, I know that you are willing. I believe. Help my unbelief. Help me reach out to you.


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What is one concrete step I can take to accept the healing touch of Jesus?



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