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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Matthew 4:12-17, 23-25 - Memorial of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton


It must have been devastating to hear the news: John the Baptist, the only human to have recognized the divinity of Christ from within the womb, and Our Lord's own blood relative, had been cruelly murdered because a woman caught in sin had allowed her resentment to give in to selfless vengeance. The grief must have been crushing.
In today's Gospel we read that after a necessary period of retreat, Jesus emerges with the spirit of the Lord upon Him, boldly teaching in synagogues, healing the sick, and fulfilling prophecies. We clearly see the third Luminous mystery of the Rosary in this passage, and His fame is growing…this is the Jesus our hearts cheer for! Nevertheless, we need to keep in mind that the Gospel reading starts out with a heaviness. The Father raised Jesus up from the depths of grief.

Today is the feast of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, my own Confirmation saint, and also no stranger to loss. Suffering through a bankruptcy, her husband’s slow death from tuberculosis, and the shunning of her own family and contemporaries after her conversion to Catholicism, Mother Seton had all the reasons to remain hidden in despair. But she persevered through the strife: her tireless efforts planted the seeds for the Catholic parochial school system in this country.

If you are struggling today, remember the infinite love God has for you, and allow Him to lift you up.



How is your life, both the painful trials as well as the proud moments, proclaiming the Kingdom of Heaven in your own time and place in the world?



Lord, help me to navigate my griefs and troubles, and make me an instrument for Your glory despite my own weaknesses.

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If you are struggling today, remember the infinite love God has for you, and allow Him to lift you up.


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