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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Reflection by Lisa Connor

Today's Gospel: John 5:17-30


Have you ever been so tired that you were unable to consider doing even one more thing? Have you ever been so weary that you could not imagine interacting with others?

In those moments, it is difficult to imagine that another could have more to do, much less more motivation and energy to keep going. That thinking focuses on the human condition, but forgets the divine.

God’s work is never done. Chapter one of Genesis describes God resting on the seventh day. Rest does not imply detachment or inaction. Creation must be an ongoing process because the reality of evil in our world continues to spread darkness and disorder. The world needs light, so God remains vigilant and engaged. He abides, seeking to infuse light into brokenness.

Jesus’ healing of the paralytic on the Sabbath reveals the devotion of an ever-watchful Father. He heals us when we ask, when we need it – not after His rest, but during, because He adores us. God chooses to love us perpetually and unconditionally. We are His creation. He works relentlessly to make us perfect.

True healing is both intentional and personal. Healing is a direct act of love that repairs and restores the broken. The onlookers on that day, and by extension, all of mankind, fail to recognize and participate in the reality of God’s creation. They choose darkness in the presence of divine light.

God wants us to participate in His creation. He sees our brokenness and still loves us. Be watchful. Be open. Be perceptive. He will find us. He will abide with us and heal us.



Do I appreciate the fact that healing is an act of creation? Do I acknowledge that I need healing? Am I willing to participate?



Dear Lord, help me to be watchful. Let me realize that true strength comes when I ask for Your help – when I look to the light and open myself to healing. Amen.

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Jesus’ healing of the paralytic on the Sabbath reveals the devotion of an ever-watchful Father. #dailygospel


Copyright 2021 Lisa Connor

Lisa Connor is the mother of five children ages twelve to twenty-one. She is trying to bring Catholic education to more children by working on enrollment at her parish school and Archdiocese. She feels passionately about being a good neighbor to everyone. When she’s not cooking large meals for her family, attending family events or trying to spend time with her husband of twenty-four years, you can find her outside gardening, honing her photography skills or curled up with a good book.