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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Reflection by Catherine Schipper

Today's Gospel: Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Mark 10:17-30


“As he set out on a journey” are words that powerfully spoke to me as I began this reflection. Recently I have felt lost on a long and arduous journey to an unknown land as it is a journey of vision loss. Yet I am powerfully reminded that “With man, it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God.”.

As a young child, I begged and pleaded to take piano lessons, dreaming of the day I would sit on my piano bench and place my hands on the beautiful keys. It was not to be, as my parents could not afford the lessons or the piano. Years later, I related this childhood dream to my piano-playing neighbor. Along the way, I received the devastating news that I was legally blind. It was too much to absorb feeling that all my dreams had died. Yet, one beautiful fall day, my neighbor came over retelling the story of my early dreams. She shockingly stated that she would like to teach me to play the piano. Adamantly I replied that it was impossible!! Quite sweetly she simply asked, “Would you try?”

How could I say no to such a generous and loving request? The following Saturday morning, I was filled with smiles rushing home from my first piano lesson. At the age of 63, I excitedly told my husband, “I can play 'Mary Had a Little Lamb!'" That was just the beginning, as my husband went out and bought me a “smart” piano. I continue to ponder God’s goodness as I realized that this long-forgotten childhood dream had been realized in a most unexpected way. Going deeper, it was a desire of my heart that God had remembered, “for all things are possible with God”.




Are there times in your life when the impossible was made possible by the goodness of God?



Dearest Lord, I am continually surprised and delighted by Your goodness and love for me. Thank You for every gift as I journey onward. Amen.


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Are there times in your life when the impossible was made possible by the goodness of God?


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I am a pilgrim on a journey through the unknown. As I near the end of 2020 and the many adventures of the pandemic, it is with hope that I dream new dreams of travel and being with my family.