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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Luke 11:37-41


Today's reading illustrates with perfect clarity how Jesus saw this particular Pharisees’ actions. And as Luke writes, He was not moved by the man's piety.

These learned men, the Pharisees, were the teachers within the temple. They were the ones who created the rules and regulations all Jewish people were expected to follow. They labored countless hours trying to understand the minutia of God's Word.

For example, it has been said they argued over the finer points on "keeping holy the Sabbath". Can a mother pick up her child on the Sabbath? Can a farmer gather milk from his cows? Would wearing a brooch on the Sabbath be against the commandment? And they always washed before eating because it was "the law".

They were consumed with their interpretations of God’s Word.

So when Christ admonished them to look within to their souls, they did not understand. When He tried to show them what God truly desires, many refused to listen.

We seldom do.

Time and time again, Christ preaches against the subtle hypocrisy we all practice at one time or another. Looking good and doing charitable works, following the letter of the Ten Commandments so others can see our *goodness* and be impressed. Many spend an hour in Church on Sundays and leave, crossing off one obligation but ignoring God, not praying to Him for the rest of the week.

But God sees from the inside out; He sees the reasons behind our actions. He knows what is inside our hearts and intimately knows our true intentions.

Do we make Him proud?



Do I worry more about how others see me than I do about how God sees me?



Lord, let me always strive to look beyond the here and now, and keep my eyes on the real reason for doing something. Help me make You proud to call me Your disciple.

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God sees from the inside out; He sees the reasons behind our actions. He knows what is inside our hearts. #dailygospel


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