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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Reflection by Suellen Brewster

Today's Gospel: Luke 11:42-46


Whoa. When Jesus speaks like this it certainly does have the effect of causing me to sit up, pay attention and examine myself. As the words of Jesus in today’s Gospel were directed to those in religious authority, I examine my own area of religious authority, that of passing on the faith to my children.

Do I emphasize rules and regulations or justice and love? Do I model a faith life that is more interested in recognition or one-upmanship than growing nearer to our Lord? Does my lack of virtue contaminate those around me, especially my children? Do I expect too much of my children without aiding them in fulfilling those expectations? What are my motivations and intentions?

Every time this reading, and others like it, come around in the lectionary, it is an opportunity to examine those motives and intentions, to repent, and to adjust my behaviors to line up with Jesus’ own behaviors. It’s an opportunity to make amends to my children if I have been too harsh or judgmental. It’s an opportunity to snap out of religiosity and dive into mercy, love and the true practice of our beautiful, life-giving faith.

Life-giving. That is the heart of this issue in many ways. Do my words and actions give life, speak life, and teach? Or am I merely passing on dead men’s bones to my children, which they may eventually grow to be disgusted with and to flee from? Jesus is hard on the men in today’s Gospel because they are set in their ways and are not about to snap out of it. May our hearts always be supple and open to Jesus promptings to repent and start anew.



Is there some area of the faith that I am handing down to my children or others that is not grounded in love and mercy as well as justice?



Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make our hearts like unto Thine.

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As the words of Jesus in today’s Gospel were directed to those in religious authority, I examine how I pass on the faith to my children. #dailygospel


Copyright 2020 Suellen Brewster

Suellen Brewster is a wife and mother, secretary, happy “revert” to the Catholic faith, and most importantly, beloved daughter of the Father. She writes from her home outside of Buffalo, NY where the long winters invite souls into quiet, prayer and reflection. Monthly articles can be found here.