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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Reflection by Margaret Ann Stimatz

Today's Gospel: Mark 10:46-52


“Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me!”

A friend who is legally blind told me that when familiar landmarks shift or disappear, or for some reason become unidentifiable, disorientation sets in. If - in the extreme case - she loses all sense of where she is and how to make her way, disorientation turns into terror.

When we first encounter Bartimaeus in today’s passage he is sitting by the roadside begging. In all likelihood he’s very familiar with begging and very familiar with this particular spot. So far, his day is proceeding quite predictably. But this is about to end.

As Jesus approaches, His mass of companions engulfs the area. Bartimaeus could be “unglued.” He could be disoriented by the noise, chaos, and disruption the crowd brings. But he isn’t. He does not cling to his familiar begging "agenda," but he shifts gears into the present moment. Jesus is here! And Bartimaeus starts calling out to Him - over and over - until he gets a response.

I want to take a tip from Bartimaeus. When my plans are disrupted, I want to be willing to set aside my own agenda. When I momentarily lose my bearings, instead of having a meltdown, I want to call out to Jesus. I want to open myself to receive whatever gift of vision or perception that He might want to give me today.




When I'm disoriented by unpredictability in my day, how am I likely to react?



Lord, when my plans go off the rails today, please help me remember to call out to You.


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When I'm disoriented by unpredictability in my day, how am I likely to react? #dailygospel


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