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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Mark: 3:13-19

Jesus calls us by name for a mission. How willing are we to respond? If Jesus guides us into avenues that are alien or unappealing to us, are we ready to trust Him and surrender our will as the disciples did?

When the disciples first followed Jesus, leaving their families and their livelihoods, I don’t think they expected to cast out demons. I don’t think Peter, James, John, or Andrew realized they would never, ever go back to fishing. None of the apostles, I’m sure, anticipated their martyrdom for Christ. We know they did not even understand when Jesus told them repeatedly that He must die at the hands of men and rise again.

They didn’t grasp many things, but they had a radical trust in the Son of God, in His plan, and His guidance.

Just as He called the Disciples, “those whom He wanted,” Christ also calls us by name because He wants us. Our Jesus mission may be simple and familiar or might be something completely unexpected and challenging. Do we trust the One Who calls us to give us the gifts and courage necessary for that mission, or do we get tangled up, wrestling with our own limitations and inadequacies?

When I volunteered in RCIA and religious education, I accompanied adults and children on their way to Confession, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation. I didn’t feel worthy or capable to do this. I was a convert and my journey to Catholicism had been a convoluted one, full of mistakes. Yet I was asked to help others in their preparation; I was drawn by the Holy Spirit to learn and teach, and I trusted that God's light was shining through me for those whom I accompanied on their faith journeys.



Am I called to something unexpected and challenging, and do I trust Jesus to guide me through it?




Lord Jesus, give me the grace to hear and respond to Your call. Guide me and give me courage to do God’s will.

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Just as He called the Disciples, “those whom He wanted," Christ also calls us by name because He wants us.

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