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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.


Today's Gospel: John 10:1-10

Our first duty as mothers is to protect our children from harm. When they are young and afraid, our voice is their safe harbor. They hear our voice from the moment they rise to the time they fall asleep. They follow our voices when they can’t see us; many times I remember hiding out in the bathroom because I just wanted a few moments to talk uninterrupted on the phone. It never ceased to amaze me how quiet four children could play until I started talking on the phone!

And we trained our children never to listen to strangers, to stay away from them. “Listen to me!” we have all said at one time or another. Why? Because we don’t want them to come to harm.

But as they grew older it was harder and harder for them to hear me. They began listening more to outside influences. Friends knew more, advice given by internet sensations and their favorite rap artist seemed more in tune with their lives. But when trouble broke out, and it inevitably did, they knew help could always be found at home. No matter what, we would always be there for them. Just as Christ is always there when we mess up and need help.

All problems are eased when we seek help and refuge in our faith.

Jesus says He “walks ahead of them, and the sheep follow Him, because they recognize his voice.” John 10: 4

Our burdens are lifted because He takes them upon Himself. We cannot go astray if we follow His voice.

Just as our children know to follow our voice when they are in need, teach them how to hear His voice deep in their hearts. Then you can be confident they will always be safe.




When you or your loved ones are in trouble, do you immediately turn to your faith first or do you go looking for answers from others?



Lord, guide me as I try to instill in my family a love of our faith. Teach me how to hear Your voice throughout my life so I in turn can teach them.


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When our children are in trouble, we are there for them.  So, too, is our Lord always there for us when we are in trouble. We just need to follow His voice. #DailyGospel

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