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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: John 6:44-52

There are a slew of foods and beverages that restore us when we're ill or frail. Good old-fashioned chicken soup can be medicinal when the healing nutrients are extracted from simmered chicken bones. Ensure® is a calorie-packed milkshake that includes almost every vitamin our body needs. My sister swears by Pedialyte®, the infant hydrating formula, to replace what we've lost when we're hungover.

When we recognize our bodies are depleted we reach for remedies like these. But do we do the same for our souls? When we're weary, overwhelmed, fearful, or lost, do we recognize our spiritual need and feed it?

That hunger is never fed by our vices, avoidance, or earthly tricks. It's fed by Christ. He gave up His life so ours can be eternal. The food for that journey is the Eucharist. When we consume it, our spirit is transformed, our needs are met, and we are sustained for the day.

When a new day dawns, we're invited to return again, fortifying ourselves for the present, trusting that God will provide the same day after day.




How do I respond when I'm physically depleted? How do I respond when I'm spiritually depleted? Do I look to the Eucharist to fortify my soul?



Bread of Life, prompt me to return to You daily so I'm constantly and consistently replenishing my soul.


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Our spiritual hunger is never fed by our vices, avoidance or earthly tricks. 

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