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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Reflection by Catherine Schipper

Today's Gospel: Luke 7:36-50


In the darkness of this morning with the crack of lightning and the booming of thunder with fat raindrops hitting the windows, I feel the power of her tears. Her tears were her prayers. There are so many tears as there is so much hurt and sorrow within as she is compelled to be set free from who she is not and who she is meant to be.

Holy tears are coming from the depths of her heart as the water of her tears are bathing this holy man. As her tears fall to the ground making it a sacred place, I see the others in the scene and the darkness and dirtiness of their judgment. The waters of tears splashing free have washed her clean making the words and attitudes of the others magnified and multiplied. I see the darkness of their scorn as they talk and laugh not understanding the enormity of what they are witnessing. Their words, “She is a sinner,” cut to the heart.

Through her tears, she “sees” her sins and she is set free. They are trapped as they are unable to “see” the love, grace and mercy of the One “who even forgives sins.”

It is a contrast of darkness and light made even more dramatic as she anoints his feet with ointment breaking open the alabaster jar. It is as if she is breaking open the alabaster jar of her heart. Don’t we have to be open in order to let go and to receive?

As she continues to kiss His feet, there is the glow of the light of love surrounding Christ and this courageous woman. In this moment, she receives the healing words of Christ, “Your faith has saved you.” She had great courage … she had great faith.



Are there times in your life when you needed to be set free?



Dearest Lord, I pray in thanksgiving for the power of your love and everlasting mercy. May tears of sadness and sorrow be turned to joy. Amen.

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Don't we all have to be open in order to let go and to receive?

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